Vipster is a new social platform which
enhance your night life
going out experience

Vipster is a new e-commerce/social platform build around clubbing or going out which allows you to enter a social community of your favorite club in the city you are staying in.

It is a community where you can communicate with other guests and the club during your time out.

In general

Notifications about venues from your favorite clubs

purchase of e-tickets for events

Booking of tables

See where persons you follow/friends go out

Messenger (private chat) pier to pier or in groups

Follow other profiles on Vipster e.g. see their pictures

In the club

See who is in the club

Payment of entrance e-ticket

Payment for your cloakroom e-ticket

Order and pay for drinks delivered at your table

"Instagram pictures" from your night out

Messenger (private chat)

communication between guests

Sending drinks and messages to other guests

Notifications from the club with individual offers and invitations

VIP treatment

For the club mangement

Marketing channel directly to the guests

Business intelligence and CRM system which allows the clubs to customize their marketing to the individual guest.

Synchronizing with the guests individual playlists so clubs can get the party started

Better workflow

Guests can be segmented into groups

Breweries e.g. can market their products in Vipster

A night in the club with

You have an app called Vipster on your smart phone and you have created a profile on Vipster.

It is Thursday. You receive a notification in the Vipster app on your smart phone that there will be a venue at your favorite club Friday night. You start the messenger function and chat with your friends. You decide to buy tickets for the venue on Vipster. The amount is withdrawn via Pay Pal.

It is Friday night and you go to the club and show your e-ticket in the door. You get in and go to the cloakroom to leave your coat. You pay for the cloakroom in Vipster. You get an e-ticket.

You go into the club and meet with your friends. You find a table and you decide that you would like something to drink. You open the menu in Vipster and see what cocktails you want...and you order and pay them. 5 min. later the waitress arrives with your drinks at your table.

The DJ starts playing really good music based on all the guests playing lists e.g. Spotify. Vipster provides the DJ with a list of the most popular songs among the audience.

Suddenly you get a notification from the bar that they have a special offer on cosmopolitans based on your drinking preferences. You choose to order a cocktail and the waitress will deliver it at your table a few minutes later. You talk to you friends about how nice it is that you can stay at the table and dont have to queue up at the bar to get something to drink.

Then your messenger alerts and a nice guy called Jacob whom you have seen around before writes to you asking you to dance. You write him back telling him that he can come over to your table.

You get a notification to take part in a poll created by the DJ where he wants you to vote about which song you would prefer to listen to.

A couple of minutes later the waitress arrives with two drinks. One for for you and one for Jacob....Jacob has ordered the drinks in Vipster and sent it over to your table. Jacob comes over and you start talking. He tells you that he has been following your profile on Vipster and have seen the pictures from your night out a fortnight ago that you have uploaded in Vipster. He also saw that you were coming to the club tonight and he thought that he would get to know you in person.

Now you get a notification that the venue will start in 10 minutes. You start heading towards the scene together with Jacob. You enjoy the concert. Afterwards you spend some time at the club dancing. Jacob opens Vipster and orders and pays for a very special song at the DJ.

At three a clock you decide to go are a little bit tipsy and unfortunately you forget to pick up your coat in the cloakroom.

The next morning you realize that you have forgotten your coat as you get a notification from the club that your coat is there and that you are welcome to go get it later this afternoon. In the afternoon Jacob send you a message that he really enjoyed the evening and he wants to invite you out on a date next friday. In the evening you open Vipster and you look trough the pictures taken last night and you recall what a nice evening it has been.

The day after you get a notification from the club that they have decided to upgrade your membership because you are a good regular guest, which means that you will get individually selected offers and invitations before other guests and free entrance in the club. The reason for this is that the club can track your buying history and customize offers individually for you.